Have you been thinking it may be time to consider dental dentures for your personal oral care? Are you worried about the expense associated with owning dentures? At Alpine Dental & Denture Center, we provide affordable dentures to residents across the Kensington, MD, area. Our on-site denture lab, where we can fabricate, repair, correct, and adjust our patient’s dentures as needed, sets us apart from our competitors. Learn more about our denture care process and procedure below.

Affordable Dentures with Our Professional On-Site Dental Lab

Create Dental Dentures

Dental dentures can often be a lengthy process. There are several steps involved, from tooth extractions to gum impressions to final fittings. We have the ability to create rigid dentures, flexible partial plates, and full dentures, with our on-site denture lab. Our methodical denture process includes:

  • Impression of gums.
  • Establish proper fit and orientation.
  • Mock-up of dentures.
  • Final denture fitting.

Fix & Repair Dentures

With typical denture repairs, dentures need to be shipped away to an off-site denture lab for correction and adjustment. You won’t have to wait days, even weeks, for your dentures to be repaired when you use Alpine Dental for your personal denture care. Our on-site professional denture lab allows repairs and adjustments to be made the very same day. 

Emergency Denture Care

If you find yourself with lost or broken dentures, beyond typical adjustments and minimal repairs, our emergency denture services are immediately available for all of our denture patients. From the moment you arrive at our office, your dental care is in professional hands. Our staff will assess the situation and determine the best course of treatment for your particular denture issue. 

Affordable Dentures in Kensington, MD

In addition to convenient denture care, Alpine Dental also offers services such as family-friendly cleanings and exams, implants and crowns, fillings, sealants, and root canals. Call our office at (301) 740-3955 to learn more about our dental dentures, or request an appointment today.