Simple Restorations

Restorations are of several kinds. In laymans terms fillings are used to fill cavities. Onlays and inlays are all ceramic permanent restorations on single tooth for protection from further breakage and cavities. Most of the time in our office we do bonded composite restoration to match your teeth shade.

Implants, Bridges & Crowns

At Alpine Dental & Denture Center we provide tooth implants, dental bridges, and dental crowns. Whether you have a missing, weakened, or damaged tooth, our dentists are ready to give you treatment for your dental repair needs. Request an appointment by calling (301) 740-3955.

Teeth Restoration Services in Gaithersburg MD & Beyond

Durability of Dental Implants

Dental implants can offer long-lasting results when replacing one or more missing teeth. These artificial tooth roots made of titanium alloy are surgically placed in the jaw bone. The dentists at Alpine Dental are well experienced at placing implants that look natural and feel comfortable.

Dental Implants in Gaithersburg MD & Beyond

Dental Bridge Services

A dental bridge is a cost-effective method for replacing one or more missing teeth. These fixed caps are one of several custom dental restoration services we provide. We can create and place a dental bridge that matches the shade of your teeth.

Tooth Implant Services in Gaithersburg MD & Beyond

Protect Your Teeth with Crowns

Crowns are an great way to restore and strengthen a weak tooth, protecting it from even further damage.

Crowns provide confidence and protection with the following benefits:

  • Restore a tooth to its natural form and size
  • Protect the tooth from bacteria and further decay
  • Improve the tooth’s appearance

The Alpine Dental Advantage

At Alpine Dental we place implants, dental bridges, and restorative crowns. We also offer cleanings and exams, root canal services, oral surgery procedures, and custom-made dentures. We also provide walk-in emergency care services. Request an appointment today by calling our office at (301) 740-3955. We serve the communities of Gaithersburg, MD, and Kensington, MD, within Montgomery County.

Dental Bridge Services in Gaithersburg MD & Beyond