Oral Surgery & Extractions

Our dentists provide wisdom tooth removal and tooth extraction services.
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Tooth Extractions

When a tooth cannot be saved through conventional means, our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction. We are highly adept at providing both simple and complex tooth extractions. Each tooth extraction begins by numbing the area with a numbing gel and with an injectable anesthetic. Once we make sure the patient is completely numb, the extraction is done on that tooth.

We have excellent oral surgeons that we work with, and we refer out our patients to them so they can undergo procedures under conscious sedation. This ensures that our patients have a great experience with these complicated wisdom extractions. Patients comfort and safety is our number one priority.

Oral Surgery at Alpine Dental

Apart from extractions, we also perform single or multiple teeth extractions with bone grafting to prepare the extraction sites for future implant placements.

Tooth Extraction Services in Gaithersburg MD & Beyond

If crowns, implants, or bridges are needed to replace the missing teeth, we can provide those for you.

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